Competition Winners 2017

29th April Millennium Cup  Domestic Pairs

Mike Croft & Ron Sturdy defeated Sue Tidman & Dylan Davies

12th May    Noel Tarran Rose Bowl    Veterans Open Pairs

John Bonatti & Richie Jamieson defeated Viv Roberts & Bryn Jones

21st May      Round Table Cup         Open Singles

John Bonatti defeated Paul Walley

28th May      Windmill Grill Cup         Domestic Singles 

  Geoff Hopwood   defeated   Jack Richards

25th June     Harry Anglesea  Cup     Domestic Singles

   Andy Jones  defeated    Ron  Sturdy

07th July     Otterspool Cup     Vets Domestic Pairs

  Tony Davies & Peter Griffiths  defeated  Peter McCann & Mike Croft

16th July     Jack Kelly  Cup     Domestic Singles 

  Christian Reid  defeated    Chris Ablett

23rd July     D.F.Jones Memorial Shield  Open Pairs

  Nick Hughes & Leighton Roberts defeated  Linda Williams & Richie Jamieson

06th August       Stan Parry  Cup     Domestic Singles 

  Chris Ablett defeated Ken Tomlinson

20th August  Ray Lamb Trophy   Domestic Singles 

 Chris Ablett  defeated    Ken Parry

1st Sept    Ken Jones Cup      Vets Domestic Singles

  Glyn Percival  defeated   Graham Pryce

10th Sept  George Booth Trophy  Domestic Singles

  Jack Richards  defeated  Ken Parry

13th Sept   Baden & Linda Jones Cup  Vets Domestic Singles

  Mike Coppack   defeated   Peter McCann

22nd Sept Floodlight Open Triples

Martin Jones - Sam Williams - Ian Jones 


Christian Reid - Jane Lamb - Linda Williams

24th Sept    Glyn Bellis Cup   Domestic Singles 

Andy Jones   defeated   Christian Reid

1st Oct  Consolation Cup  Domestic Singles

 Syd Drury   defeated   Stuart Tompkin

When all is said and done, its not the points that won the match that you remember, 
but the friendships you made along the way

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