Club  Officials   2020


President   Vernon Tidman ( since 2016 )


Chairman Peter Griffiths  ( since 2019 )

Vice Chairman  Mike Coppack ( since 2019 ) 


Secretary & Welfare Peter McCann (since 2011)


Treasurer  Glyn Jones  ( since 1998 ) 

??? Vacancy      

Competition Secretary 


Life Members

Terry Hughes

Helen Hughes  

Geoff Hopwood   


Pauline Hopwood


Glyn Jones

Vernon Tidman

                                                                                              Ken Parry

Team  Captains 

Christian Reid    Hawks A

Flintshire Mid Week  Division 1

Peter Griffiths  Hawks B

Flintshire Mid Week  Division 2

Peter McCann   Hawks A

Deeside Veterans   Division  A


Geoff Nuttall    Hawks  B

Deeside Veterans Division  B 

Wrexham Veterans Division 2


Peter Griffiths   Hawks  A

Wrexham Veterans Division 1

Peter Evans  Hawks  C

Deeside Veterans Division  B

Wrexham Veterans Division 4



When all is said and done, its not the points that won the match that you remember, 
but the friendships you made along the way

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