Cup Winners 2013

5th May  Millennium Cup  Domestic Pairs
   Marcus Reid   &  Malcolm Anglesea 

17th May Noel Tarran  Rose Bowl      Veterans Open Pairs
     Ken Parry &  Bob Dolby

26th May  Round Table Cup   Open Singles
         Peter Grimston

2nd June   George Booth Rose Bowl  Domestic Singles  
     Ken Fitzgerald

16th June   Harry Anglesea Cup   Domestic Singles    
    Christian Reid

22nd June    Billy Hopwood Cup    Open Mixed Pairs
     Ken Parry &  Alwena Jackson

28th June    Otterspool Cup       Domestic  Veterans  Pairs    
    Malcolm Anglesea &  Ron Sturdy

30th June        Stan Parry Cup        Domestic Singles
         Dewi Bartlett

14th July     Bert Bellis Cup       Domestic Pairs    
    Ken Parry   &   Pauline Hopwood  


28th July    D.F. Jones Shield       Open Pairs    
     Marcus Hughes   &  Neil Snodgrass

4th August      Ray Lamb Trophy     Domestic Singles  
        Christian Reid 

21st August       Ken Jones Cup          Domestic Veterans  Singles    
      Ken Parry 

30th August      Baden & Linda Jones Cup          Domestic Veterans Singles
      Geoff Hopwood 

31st August       Consolation  Shield        Domestic Singles  
        Jan Reid 


When all is said and done, its not the points that won the match that you remember, 
but the friendships you made along the way

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