Club Information 2018
Hawkesbury has a very active membership yet we encourage new faces to the club be it complete novices or experienced bowlers. Age or gender is not a barrier, so please come along and meet new friends and enjoy the bowling.

Application forms are available from the Club Secretary 
Mr.Peter McCann :  Phone  01244 536038   
 or come and meet us at the green

 Membership Fees for 2018 
       Over 18  =  £20    Juniors 16 - 18  =  £5    Juniors   Under  16  =  £2

  Training for Novices 

Hawkesbury  has 2 fully qualified BCGBA coaches ( also CRB approved )

 Free Training courses ( male or female ) for complete novices of any age group 

are held most Saturday mornings during the season   10 am until  Noon. 

Bowls is not a physically demanding sport ,so why not come along and give it a try
   No fees.      Just wear flat soled footwear. 
If interested contact ,   01244 540891

Leagues we play in  2018 

  •     Flintshire Mid Week League    Any Age       Div 1     Wednesday Evenings
  •      Flintshire Mid Week League    Any Age        Div 3    Wednesday Evenings

  •     Deeside Veterans Leagues    (55+)    Div  A   Thursday Afternoons  ( A team )
  •     Deeside Veterans Leagues    (55+)    Div  B   Thursday Afternoons  ( B team )
  •     Deeside Veterans Leagues    (55+)    Div  B  ( C team )  Thursday Morning or Afternoons    

  •     Wrexham Veterans League  (60+)   Div  1   Tuesday  Afternoons 
  •     Wrexham Veterans League  (60+)   Div  2   Tuesday  Afternoons  
  •     Wrexham Veterans League  (60+)   Div  4    Monday Afternoons / Some on Tuesday
  • Equal Opportunities Policy
The following policy will be administered by the Officers of the above mentioned Bowling Club and are to be an addition to our present Constitution and Rules.
We will strive to uphold the following :-
1. To Provide equal opportunities for all our members.
2. To abide by the Sex Discrimination Act 1975.
3. To abide by the Race Relations Act 1976
4. To abide by the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 and also Non Legislative issues
5. There shall be no age discrimination.
6. We have an ongoing structure to provide the correct training and application in the game of Crown Green Bowls with qualified instructors to enable Youth Coaching programmes.
7. To  strengthen the community roots and meet the needs of our area.
8. To  encourage all sections of our community to join our Bowling Club.
9. All members of our Club to be responsible for upholding our Equal Opportunities Policy.
10. Any notification of discrimination or complaints in relation to the above mentioned Equal Opportunities must be made in writing to our Secretary.

These complaints will then be discussed by the Officers and any appropriate disciplinary action taken. 

Signed ,  Vernon Tidman ( Chairman )  &   Terry Hughes ( Secretary )
 8th December 2003 
                                                       Child Protection Policy
The Hawkesbury Bowling Club accepts its legal and moral obligation to exercise its duty of care and to protect ALL children and vulnerable adults participating in its activities and to safeguard their welfare.  
The Club is committed to do this by acknowledging that  :- 
 a)      The welfare of the individual is paramount.
 b)      Each individual,  irrespective of age,  gender,  religion,  race or disability has the right to protection from abuse
 c)      Each individual has a right to be safe and treated with respect and dignity. 

The Club shall use its best endeavours to ensure that :- 
c ( a)       All allegations of abuse are taken seriously.
c ( b)      The response to them is swift and appropriate.
c ( c)       The effectiveness of the policy is reviewed annually.

d)    A responsible person shall be appointed annually as  Child Protection Officer, ( see club officials) to whom  members can address any concerns.
 Signed ,Vernon Tidman ( Chairman )  &  Terry Hughes  ( Secretary )
17th April 2008 

When all is said and done, its not the points that won the match that you remember, 
but the friendships you made along the way

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